Texas Instruments (formerly Unitrode) power supply seminars are part of TI bi-annual analog technical training. In the process, TI also briefly updates on its new controllers and other power management integrated circuits. The seminars normally combine tutorial review of basic principles and "hands-on" design examples on various power conversion topics. Although in my view, the latest seminars were not as useful as they used to be, over time they have covered virtually all main SMPS design topics. Their archives certainly provide good reference info for the SMPS designers. In this page you will find a list of seminar topics from 1999 till present. I used to provide direct links to all seminar presentations. However, TI recently moved most of them into a new directory arranged by subjects and topologies, which now requires a registration. If you don't see a link here, you can go HERE to register and find these materials. For the manuals from 1983 to 1997 see our page.

Cascaded Power Converter Topology for high current low output voltage applications
Hot Swap Power Management
50W Forward Converter with synchronous rectification and secondary side control
Frequency Response Measurements for Switching Power Supplies
A More Accurate Current-Mode Control model

An Analytical Comparison of alternate control techniques
Design and Application Guide for high speed MOSFET gate drive circuits
Appendix A: Estimating MOSFET Parameters from the Data Sheet
Magnetic Field Evaluation in Transformers and Inductors
High-Efficiency, Regulated Charge Pumps for High-Current Applications
Designing Stable Control Loops
Internal Compensation - Boon or Bane
Implication of Synchronous Rectifiers in Isolated, Single-Ended, Forward Converters

Understanding and optimizing electromagnetic compatibility in switchmode power supplies
Designing High-Power Factor Off-Line Power Supplies
Achieving High-Efficiency with Multi-Output CCM Flyback Supply Using self-driven synchronous rectifiers
Transformer and Inductor Design for Optimum Circuit Performance
Under the Hood of Low-Voltage DC/DC Converters
Paralleling Power--Choosing and Applying the Best Technique for Load Sharing

Challenges and Solutions in Battery Fuel Gauging
Battery Circuit Architecture
Design Considerations and Advances in Portable Power Battery Chargers
Design Trade-offs for Switch-Mode Battery Chargers
Optimizing Low-PowerDC/DC Designs: External vs. Internal Compensation
Noise Management in Portable RF Systems

Safety Considerations in Power Supply Design
Sequencing Power Supplies in Multiple Voltage Rail Environments
Design Review: A Step-by-Step Approach to AC Line-Powered Converter
Constructing Your Power Supply: a Layout Considerations
Interleaving Contributes Unique Benefits to Forward & Flyback Converter
A Practical Introduction to Digital Power Supply Control
Compensating DC/DC Converters with Ceramic Output Capacitors

Improving Power Supply Efficiency – The Global Perspective
Green-Mode Power by the Milli-Watt
Feedback in the Fast Lane–Modeling Current-Mode Control in High-Frequency Converters
Designing Planar Magnetics
An Interleaved PFC Preregulator for High-Power Converters
Software Design for Digital Power – Programming 101 for Analog Design
Designing a Digital Telecom Rectifier

High Power Factor and High Efficiency—You Can Have Both
Understanding Noise-Spreading Techniques and their Effects
Under the Hood of a DC/DC Boost Converter
Improving System Efficiency with a New Interm.-Bus Architecture
High-Voltage Energy Storage: The Key to Efficient Holdup
Using PMBus™ for Improved System-Level Power Management
Applying Digital Technology to PWM Control-Loop Designs

SEM1900 2010/2011
Under the Hood of Flyback SMPS Designs
Active Clamp Technology in Flyback and Forward Designs
Designing an LLC Resonant Half Bridge Converter
PFC Using the Buck> Topology
Designing Magnetic Components
Dual Half Bridge DC-DC Converter
Designing a Solar Cell Driven LED lighting system

SEM2000 2012/2013
Practical magnetic design: inductors and coupled inductors
EMI filter design for offline phase-dimmable led drivers
Accelerating power supply compliance to specification
A design review of a full-featured 350-w offline power converter
Design and optimization of a high-performance LLC converter
Advanced digital controls improve pfc performance
Exposing the inner behavior of a quasi-resonant flyback converter

SEM2100 2014/2015
Choosing the Right Fixed Frequency Buck Regulator Control Strategy
Choosing the Right Variable Frequency Buck Regulator Control Strategy
Examining Wireless Power Transfer
Under the Hood of Multiphase Synchronous Rectified Boost Converter
Control Challenges for Low Power AC/DC Converters
GaN FET-Based CCM Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC
LLC Converter Small Signal Modeling

Design of a high-frequency series capacitor buck converter;
Flyback transformer design considerations for efficiency and EMI;
Switch-mode power converter compensation;
Bidirectional DC/DC converter topology comparison and design;
SiC and GaN applied to high-frequency power;
Under the hood of a noninverting buck-boost converter;
Design review of a 2-kW parallelable power-supply module.

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