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This page contains the list of TI / Unitrode power supply seminar presentations from 1983 to 1997. While during the last three decades most applicable standards and regulations have evolved, old Unitrode tutorials remain very useful in learning SMPS power supply design basics. I used to have here links to all files, but TI now requires a registration to download most of them. You can find these files HERE. For more recent 1999-2017 seminar handbooks go to our page .

SEM100, 1983
250W Off-Line Forward Converter- Design Review
Switching Power Supply Design Review - 60 Watt Flyback Regulator
Designing Multi-Output Converters - Coupled-Inductor Current-Drive Topology
Line Input AC to DC Conversion and Input Filter Capacitor Selection
Limiting Inrush Current to a Switching Power Supply Improves Reliability, Efficiency
Power Transformer Design for Switching Power Supplies

SEM300, 1984
Switching Power Supply topology review
Closing the Feedback loop
Appendix A: Error Amplifier and Compensation Network Design
Appendix B: Bode Plots
Appendix C: Power Topology Control Equations
Switching Power Supply Design Review -- 60 Watt Flyback Regulator
Appendix I: Transformer Design
Appendix II: Effective RL and C in the Feedback Loop

SEM400, 1985
Current-Mode Control of Switching Power Supplies
Design of Flyback Transformers and Filter Inductors
Simulation of Switching Power Supply Performance Using the Personal Computer
Design Review: 150 Watt Current-Mode Flyback
Power Conversion Design Guide

SEM500, 1986
Practical Considerations in Current Mode Power Supplies
The Effects of Leakage Inductance on Multi-Output Flyback Circuits
Coupled Filter Inductors in Multi-Output Buck Regulators
A 300W, 300kHz Current-Mode Half-Bridge Converter with Multiple Outputs
Magnetic Amplifier Control for Simple, Low-Cost, Secondary Regulation
The Right-Half-Plane Zero -- a simplified explanation

SEM600, 1988
Resonant Mode Converter Topologies
1 MHz 150W Resonant Converter Design Review
High Power Factor Preregulator for Off-Line Power Supplies
Placing Leakage and Wiring Inductances in the High Frequency Circuit Model

SEM700, 1990
Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Power Conversion
Isolating the Control Loop
Average Current Mode Control of Switching Power Supplies
Resonant Mode Converter Topologies -- Additional Topics
Optimizing the Design of a High Power Factor Switching Preregulator

SEM800, 1991
Load Sharing with Paralleled Power Supplies
Controlled ON-Time, Zero Current Switched Power Factor Correction Technique
Fixed-Frequency, Resonant-Switched PWM with Phase Shifted Control
Considerations in High Performance MOSFET, IGBT, and MCT Gate Drive Circuits
Control Loop design

SEM900, 1993
Distributed Power Systems
Snubber Circuits: Theory, Design and Application
Designing a Phase Shifted Zero Voltage Transition Power Converter
Design Review: 500 Watt, 40W/cu.in Phase Shifted ZVT Power Converter
High Power Factor Preregulator Using the SEPIC Converter
Control loop design SEPIC Preregulator Example
Coupled inductor design

SEM1000, 1994
250kHz, 500W Power Factor Correction circuit employing Zero Voltage Transitions
Portable Power- A Designer's Guide to Power Management
Active Clamp and Reset Technique enhances forward converter performance
An Electrical Circuit Model for Magnetic Cores

SEM1100, 1996
Fueling the Megaprocessors - Empowering Dynamic Energy Management
100W, 400kHz, DC/DC Converter with Current Doubler and synchronous rectification- 92% efficiency
Design Considerations for Active Clamp and Reset Technique
Control Loop Cookbook
Current Sensing Solutions for Power Supply Designers
A Low Power Boost Converter for Battery Powered Portable Applications
A Unique Four Quadrant Flyback Converter
Design Review: 140W, Multiple Output, Very High Density DC/DC Converter

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