F1 Microfuse 5 A PCB-mounted D8.5mm Schurter 0034.7122 (MST-U) or 0034.6622 (MXT) Littlefuse 0663 005.
J1 Connector 3-pin Amp/Tyco 640445-3
P1 Terminal lug Keystone Electronics Corp p/n 1287
C1 Capacitor film X2 type 0.47 uF/250 VAC Meritek MPEX 0.47/275VAC (26.5x19x10) Nissei -Arcotronics R40-474M275BL
C16,C17 Capacitor disk 0.005uF/250VAC Y-type Vishay-Draloric WYO502MCMCF0K
R1 Surge guard (NTC thermistor) 10 Ohm 3A Keystone/    Thermometrics (814) 834-9140 CL-110 Meritek SCK-10-103
CR1 Bridge rectifier 2A/600V L14.7mmx /TH 4mm Diodes Inc or Lite-On Semi KBP206G or KBP208G Digi-Key KBP206GDI-ND
L1 Common mode choke Coilcraft P3213-A Falco SMT02207-0425-4000B
C2 Capacitor electrolytic 120 uF/400V D22xL30mm ACOM/Panasonic EETUQ2G121BA United ChemiCon 100uF/400V SMH400VN101M22X30T2
D1 IC adjustable shunt regulator Texas Instrument TL431CLP or TL431ACLP STMicro-electronic TL431CZ or TL431ACZ
U3 IC PWM UC3844AN DIP-8 package ST Microelectronics UC3844AN Texas Instrument UC3844AN
Q1 Transistor MOSFET 11A/800V (TO-220 isolated) ST Microelectronics STF11NM80
  Heat sink with solderable rolls Aavid Thermalloy 533002B02551
  Thermostat TO-220 normally open 100oC (or 95 oC). Airpax 67F100 or 67F095
D7 Diode Schottky (TO-220AC) ST Microelectronics STPS30100ST
  Heat sink Aavid Thermalloy 6236b
D3,D4,D5 Rectifier diode ultrafast 1A/600V ST Microelectronics STTA106
C15, C19 Capacitor electrolytic 2700uF/16V D12.5xL30mm UCC ELXZ160ELL272MK30S Panasonic EEUFC1C272L
U1, U2 Optocoupler transistor with no base connection (DIP-6) Vishay CNY-17F-3
D2 Diode Schottky 1A/40V ST Microelectronics 1N5819 On-Semi 1N5819
D6 Diode zener 33V (DO-35) On-semi 1N5257B Microsemi 1N5257B
R9 Resistor (metal oxide film L12xD4mm) 20k/ 2W 5% KOA MOS2L(or C)T52A203J Panasonic 20k/2W
R7,R8 Resistor 100k 1/2W 5% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R2 Resistor 5k 1/4W 5% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R3,R13, Resistor 1k 1/4W 2% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R13 Resistor 100 1/2W 5% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R11, R14 Resistor 2.49k 1/4W 1% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R4,R10 Resistor 10 1/2W 5% Yageo, Panasonic Digi-Key
R5 Resistor 20k 1/4W 5%  
R6 Resistor 0.3 Ohm 1W 5% RCD PR1R300JB Digi-Key AC1W.30TB-ND
R12 Resistor 100 1/4W 5% Yageo, Panasonic
R15 Resistor 9.53k 1/4W 1% Yageo, Panasonic
R16 Resistor 470 Ohm/3W Panasonic, RCD 
C7,C9 Capacitor electrolytic 22uF/35V D5xL11mm Panasonic ECA-1VM220 Digi-Key P5162-ND
C18 Capacitor tantalum 1uF/35V Nemco TB1-35-1 Kemet T350A105K035AS
C6, C12, C18 Capacitor ceramic or film 0.1uF/25V +/-20% NIC NCD105M50Z5U Surge STC25Y105
C3, C5, C10 Capacitor ceramic disk 2200 pF/500V or 1kV Surge Components SHK1kVP222 NIC NCD222Z1kVZ5U
C14 Capacitor ceramic disk 100 pF/100V (or higher) Surge Components SHK1kVM101 NIC NCD101M500VY5F
C11 Capacitor ceramic disk 220 pF/100V (or higher) Surge Components SHK1kVM221 NIC NCD221M500VY5F
C4 Capacitor ceramic disk 0.022uF/50V NIC NCD223M50Z5U
T1 POWER TRANSFORMER Custom made (see list of components below)
  Powder Core (1.06" toroid, AL=157) Cheng Sung Corp CS270125 (Sendust) Magnetics Inc 77930-A7 (KoolM)
  Toroid retainer Lodestone TR100-B
  Nylon flat washer outside diameter 0.75"-1.0" WashersUSA 16FW500125 Aaron's Metric Screws
  FEP triple insulated wire AWG#21 Rubadue T21A01TXXX-2
  FEP triple insulated wire AWG#23 Rubadue T23A01TXXX-2
  FEP triple insulated wire AWG#28 Rubadue T28A01TXXX-2
  Tape mylar 0.5" wide 3M Aerotape, Permacel
J2 Connector 6-pin Amp/Tyco 640445-6
  SCREW Tower fasteners 10-32 X 3/4" PAN HD
  Screw Tower fasteners 4-40 X .375 PAN HD 
  LOCK NUT #4 Tower fasteners
  Flat washer for #4 screw Tower fasteners
  RTV sealant Dow Corning P/n 738 or similar
  Thermal grease (silicon heatsink compound) Dow Corning P/n 340 or similar