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Pressman's textbook updated by Billings is a classic for switching power supply design. Features detailed circuit analysis as well as magnetics and feedback control loop analysis for more then a dozen of converter topologies (including PFC boost). SMPS design and modeling basics. Detailed formulas with founding equations are included. Templates for main switch mode topologies are available online for download. Detailed step-by-step design procedure for linear and switch mode power supplies. The cookbook covers circuits, transformers and inductors, feedback loop, EMI/RFI, thermal analysis and PC board. Includes easy-to-modify design templates. A college textbook for power electronics courses. Focuses on the fundamental principles, models, and technical requirements of power systems. Detailed analysis and formulas on all main SMPS topologies.


If you want to learn SMPS design basics and get in-depth understanding of processes in power electronics circuits and magnetics-- Pressman's Switching Power Supply Design 3rd Edition would be your best choice. If you are looking for hands-on guide with ready to use design templates and procedures- consider Brown. To learn power supply circuit modeling and simulation without buying full SPICE versions choose Basso's cookbook. Finally, Fundamentals of Power Electronics is in my view the best college textbook with virtually all main power conversion formulas.
Among circuit reference manuals the most comprehensive source in my view is Horowitz. For basic circuits and electronic formulas consider Mims.
Uglys electrical reference (2014 edition) includes commonly required information for all electrical design projects in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format.
For a definitive guide for printed circuit board designers-- in particular those lacking a technical degree-- see above Brooks book that describes design principles for PCB used in high-speed applications including power supplies.